HUWIB seeks to empower future female leaders by uniting them through business education and experience.




Founded in 2000 by several undergraduate students, HUWIB has grown into a leading community of empowerment for college women at Harvard University and beyond.

Reaching over 400 members on campus at Harvard, Women in Business strives to empower a dynamic group of enterprising young women by uniting them through business education and experience. With 8 sub-committees and 13 executive board positions, the members of HUWIB strive to develop programming that will introduce aspiring business leaders to the diverse range of opportunities in business. 

On-campus programming includes panels, workshops, networking sessions, mentorship programs, a mini MBA program, case and innovation competitions, and the annual International Women in Business Summit. In addition, HUWIB organizes several off-campus events including the New York Trip, the International Career Exploratory Trip, and the annual Intercollegiate Business Convention (IBC).