The HUWIB Alumni is now undergoing a fundraising effort to provide for the future of our organization. Funds will be used to strengthen our network through various events, education, and activities, as well as to support undergraduate programs. Your contribution will allow for further growth and help support an even more robust network in the future.

With the latest 2008 class of graduates, we now have over 350 Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business alumni. Since its creation, the HUWIB Alumni Board has existed to provide unique resources and networking for HUWIB alumni and to support the undergraduate organization. We hope to further develop this rich community in order to stay connected and learn from our collective wealth of career and personal experiences.

Over the past year, the Alumni Board has been working to develop a sustainable organization for its members. Our 2008-2009 goals for the Alumni Board include:

  • Enhancing alumni awareness of HUWIB Alum organization
  • Increasing participation at events, fundraising and undergraduate activities
  • Setting in place a sustainable structure for the organization to fulfill its mission and grow

Since its founding in 2000, HUWIB has grown into a thriving organization on campus with over 300 current undergraduate members. Not only has the organization grown in size, but it also has grown in scope. Some of the accomplishments over the past few years include:

  • Success of 4th Annual Intercollegiate Business Convention, which featured over 40 breakout sessions and attendance of over 700 women and alumni from around the world
  • Expansion of career exploratory programs to cities like San Francisco and Chicago
  • Launch of a corporate mentorship program with mentors from industries including advertising, biotechnology, consulting, finance, marketing and public relations

Please click on “Donate” button below to make a gift to HUWIB Alumni, Inc. Contributions of any amount are tax deductible as HUWIB Alumni, Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization (status pending).

We hope that, through your help, we can ensure the sustainability of our organization for many future women at Harvard while at the College and after graduation. Thank you very much for your support of HUWIB Alumni!

The HUWIB Alumni Board