2012 Business School Mini-Mento​rship Program

After a huge response last year, we are excited to announce the 2012 Business School Mini-Mentorship Program! Sign up to be a mentee if you are: planning to apply to business school this fall thinking about applying to business school at some point currently enrolled in business school generally interested in learning more about business school Sign up to be a mentor if you are: currently enrolled in business school have gone through the business school application process you are a graduate of business school If you are interested in becoming a mentee, mentor, or both, please fill out the below forms. We will match mentees and mentors based on time available, areas of focus, schools, and location. Matches will be communicated in late June or early July. Mentee questionnaire Mentor questionnaire If you have any questions, please email your Programming Chair, Meghan Doherty, at doherty.meghan@gmail.com.

HUWIB Summer Education and Experience Grant: Congratulations Judy Jiao!

We are happy to announce that Judy Jiao, class of 2014, is the recipient of this year’s HUWIB Summer Education and Experience Grant. Thanks to your donations and support, Judy will receive a $3,000 grant to pursue two entertainment-related internships this summer, working first for the CEO of a film production company and then at a PR firm that works with large NGOs and government agencies and utilizes entertainment to help them with their causes. A big thank you to everyone who contributed!

Alumni Spotlight: Christina Browne, Calvert Social Investment Foundation

What is your job? I recently joined Calvert Social Investment Foundation on the U.S. Lending team. We offer a note product to retail investors who seek to align their values with their investments. We are a financial intermediary that lends to social enterprises and organizations that benefit communities around the world. Our mission is to maximize the flow of capital to disadvantaged communities in order to create a more equitable and sustainable society. What is impact investing? Impact investing is a relatively new private capital investment strategy motivated by the goal of generating both positive financial returns and a positive influence on society and the environment. What does your job entail? I am responsible for the screening and due diligence of new deals and renewals of maturing loans. I have a particular interest in Community Development Finance Institutions (CDFIs), which have been around since the late 1960s. Impact investing has … Continued