Alumni Spotlight: Jayne Wolfson, Assistant, Feature Film Development at Dreamworks Studios

What does your job entail? Feature development is the group within the studio responsible for buying material and guiding projects towards production. We split our time between the buying and the development process: we sift through potential material, such as scripts, books for adaptation or IP that can be optioned and developed into a story, while also working with our writers and directors to develop already existing projects. Once we get the green light and a project goes into production, we keep a creative eye on the filmmaking process and are actively involved in overseeing the editing, marketing and publicity. What is your favorite thing about what you do? It’s fun to work in a business where each day presents new and exciting challenges. It’s almost impossible to give someone a thorough rundown of the filmmaking process because each film takes a completely unique path to existence, and sometimes represents … Continued