HUWIB fosters a network of members after they leave Harvard Yard, offering dedicated Alumni programming in major cities as well as a vibrant online community.

Who We Are

As HUWIB continues to grow, its Alumni network has become an increasingly important component of the organization and its mission. The HUWIB Alumni network’s primary goal is to provide resources and support to HUWIB members and other women around the globe to foster personal and professional relationships across Harvard women and enable them to excel in the business world. The HUWIB Alumni network also seeks to mentor and advise the undergraduate members through participation in panels, mentorship programs, and social networking events.


What We Do

HUWIB offers a wide range of resources and programming to its Alumni, including:

  • Alumni networking and career development events in NYC, Boston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco
  • Exclusive Alumni programming at HUWIB’s annual Intercollegiate Business Convention
  • Virtual alumni community (e-mail lists and online networking database)
  • Mentorship involvement with HUWIB undergraduates