Help Make It Happen! Support the Summer Experience Grant

For the second year, our alumni organization has partnered with HUWIB to raise money to provide an HUWIB undergraduate seeking a career in a traditionally unpaid field (and with demonstrated financial need) with a grant to help her partake in this internship. Many Harvard organizations provide grants such as these but generally they are not student-run organizations. Those of us who benefited from a summer grant while at Harvard know these grants can be the difference between choosing the internship you are most interested in/passionate about and choosing the one that is economically feasible. This program helps eliminate this choice for the recipient. It would be a huge achievement for us to harness our alumni power and give back to HUWIB and Juliet – we hope we can count on you to raise the $1,500 that we have pledged by August! Whether it’s $10 or $100, every donation helps and … Continued

Congratulations to Juliet Bailin, 2013 Summer Education and Experience Grant Winner

We are proud to announce Juliet Bailin (Class of ’15) as the recipient of this year’s HUWIB Summer Education and Experience Grant. This summer, Juliet will be working for a global nonprofit called Endeavor to help them catalyze long-term economic growth by researching, selecting, mentoring and accelerating the best high-impact entrepreneurs around the world. Help us make it happen! To help her pursue this unpaid internship, HUWIB Alumni will fund half of her summer expenses; HUWIB undergraduates will funding the other half. We have pledged $1,500 by August, and hope you can join us in helping Juliet achieve her goals. Click here to contribute! On behalf of Juliet & the 2013 Board – many thanks in advance; we appreciate your generosity!   Read on to learn more about Juliet’s plans and her commitment to HUWIB and other on-campus activities: About the internship: This summer, I will be working for a … Continued

HUWIB Summer Education and Experience Grant: Congratulations Judy Jiao!

We are happy to announce that Judy Jiao, class of 2014, is the recipient of this year’s HUWIB Summer Education and Experience Grant. Thanks to your donations and support, Judy will receive a $3,000 grant to pursue two entertainment-related internships this summer, working first for the CEO of a film production company and then at a PR firm that works with large NGOs and government agencies and utilizes entertainment to help them with their causes. A big thank you to everyone who contributed!