We are proud to announce Juliet Bailin (Class of ’15) as the recipient of this year’s HUWIB Summer Education and Experience Grant. This summer, Juliet will be working for a global nonprofit called Endeavor to help them catalyze long-term economic growth by researching, selecting, mentoring and accelerating the best high-impact entrepreneurs around the world.

Help us make it happen! To help her pursue this unpaid internship, HUWIB Alumni will fund half of her summer expenses; HUWIB undergraduates will funding the other half. We have pledged $1,500 by August, and hope you can join us in helping Juliet achieve her goals.

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On behalf of Juliet & the 2013 Board – many thanks in advance; we appreciate your generosity!


Read on to learn more about Juliet’s plans and her commitment to HUWIB and other on-campus activities:

About the internship: This summer, I will be working for a global nonprofit called Endeavor in their Insight team to engage in research about high-impact entrepreneurship. Endeavor’s mission is “to catalyze long-term economic growth by selecting, mentoring, and accelerating the best high-impact entrepreneurs around the world.” During the course of the internship, I will work on independent research projects, interviewing entrepreneurs from around the world and writing reports about the value of mentorship, entrepreneurial ecosystems, and country policies. I will write blog posts to be published on their website and circulated internationally to promote Endeavor’s regional support systems, VentureCorps mentoring, and global expansion. During the first four weeks, I will also participate in a training program with a Bain Paris manager to gain tangible skills to improve my quality of work over the summer and to apply them to future work, including my work with HUWIB when I arrive back on campus.

How the experience will help Juliet achieve her long-term goals: I would like to dedicate my career to emerging industries and ideally find my way to the intersection of business and global or public health. During this internship, I will have the opportunity to learn from innovative business leaders, professional researchers, international entrepreneurs, impressive MBAs, and an inspirational female CEO. I will explore and analyze sustainable, entrepreneurial business models that promote social impact and can begin to imagine how I might pursue a similar path in the health field. I will also be able to identify worthwhile opportunities in the future based on my experience this summer and the knowledge I gain. Endeavor will provide the ideal environment in which I can learn both how to conduct meaningful research and the secrets of high impact entrepreneurship. This internship will allow me to become intimately familiar with an industry about which I am deeply fascinated and provide me with tangible and intangible skills that I can use at future consulting or non-traditional internships. I will also gain confidence and access to a superbly supportive network.

How the grant enables Juliet to pursue this internship: My ten-week internship at Endeavor is unpaid. Thus, HUWIB’s Summer Experience grant will allow me to engage wholeheartedly in the experience without financial concerns. New York City is expensive, and this grant would allow me to cover any and all daily living expenses. Financial support will also allow me to maintain my current savings for use after graduation when I first enter the ever-changing work world. With funding, I will also be able to ensure that most of my time outside of my internship can be spent productively planning for IBC 2013.

Juliet’s proven commitment to HUWIB: At the 2012 NWIB Summit, Ms. Vale advised us to pursue a joy, not a job. I found my joy in HUWIB. Taking on leadership as NWIB Co-Director and IBC Chair have allowed me to make a concrete impact through the programming I develop and events at which I work, as well as on the young women on my team. For NWIB, I helped bring inspiring speakers such as CEO of Citi Private Bank Jane Fraser, engaged a network of over 70 alumni, and devised a schedule to coordinate the entire EIC team at the event. As IBC Chair, I am working to secure at least 100 Campus Ambassadors in a new, year-long program, ensure 1200 attendees, and work cross-committees to feature inspiring women, our Make It Happen magazine, and the reimagined Make It Happen entrepreneurship competition. I also hope that my presence on Board has allowed me to positively influence WIB-wide efforts. I work closely with fundraising, external initiatives, and communications to promote their initiatives, and I serve as an advisor for the current NWIB Co-Directors. I am also an ambassador for HUWIB on campus every day and will remain engaged with the organization for the next two years and, hopefully, after graduation.

And that’s not all – Juliet’s other activities: Outside of HUWIB, I am Outreach Coordinator for Harvard Health Advocacy Program (HAP). As such, I manage all membership development and on-campus programming, update the website, and design and distribute publication materials. I led our team in planning a Study Break in Annenberg for 900 students last spring, and assisted in planning our second large-scale break this semester. Furthermore, I am a point person to partner with other on-campus organizations, such as the Happiness Challenge and DAPA, for programming such as a Life is Good party. Last year, I developed a 16-hour curriculum for a Biology of Nutrition class and assisted in planning and publicity for the Class of 2015 Sleep Week Challenge that engaged over 100 freshmen. Other than HAP, I serve as Quartermaster on Pforzheimer’s House Committee, spearheading our biannual gear orders for the entire house and helping plan events, such as our annual 90s dance, pformal, and housing day. Finally, as House Chair for Kappa Kappa Gamma, I am responsible for seeing that house regulations regarding the maintenance and use of the chapter facility are carried out, maintaining a positive relationship between the chapter, House Director, and House Board, and facilitating communication with the facility’s property manager.

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