Alumni Spotlight: Allison Baum, Education Program Producer at General Assembly

What does your job entail? General Assembly is a global network of campuses designed to foster community in the areas of technology, business, and design. We offer various educational tools for teaching people practical skills in those 3 key areas. As an Education Program Producer, I essentially function as a product manager for our long-form courses, which meet 2x/week for 8-16 weeks. We’ll start with an idea for long-form course, do market research to see if it’s a viable opportunity, then work with curriculum designers to build content, market the course, handle student admissions, source instructors, find space, manage the student experience, and even help work with GA Hiring Partners who might be interested in sourcing new employees from the course. What is your favorite thing about what you do? I love meeting students and hearing about why they want to take these courses. Whether they are professionals looking to … Continued