Amanda Pouchot, Co-Founder, Levo League

Amanda Pouchot is Co-Founder and CIO of The Levo League, an innovative online community designed to guide Gen Y professional women through modern career challenges and development.   Amanda Pouchot co-founded The Levo League in 2011 after two years at McKinsey & Company, where she focused on organizational health research and women’s leadership development. Amanda met Levo League Co-Founder Caroline Ghosn on the first day of the job, where the two were the youngest in their respective assignments and frequently the only women.   With an interest in Organizational Psychology and an understanding of academic business research on women’s issues Amanda was surprised to find that even with this awareness she would still catch herself suggesting her ideas in the form of a question, being overly verbose to soften her message and not proactively negotiating a raise. Immersed in women’s issues, Amanda founded the Levo League to get more women into the leadership pipeline in all facets of society and to help all ambitious young women find professional and personal happiness.   Amanda graduated from UC Berkeley in 2008 with a B.A. in Sociology.  A native Californian, Amanda grew up playing an active role in leadership activities and athletics such as basketball and volleyball.  She is passionate about equality; mental health and understanding better how society’s institution and infrastructure help us to create our vision of the world.