Jennifer Iannolo, Founder & Ceo, Zenfully Delicious

Jennifer Iannolo is the founder and CEO of Zenfully Delicious, a multimedia company created to empower people with chronic illness to live a delicious life. A 20-year veteran of the food and wine industry, she is also the co-founder and CEO of The Gilded Fork, a food, wine and travel site that is home to the world's first all-food podcast channel. Her culinary adventures have been featured in the New York Times bestseller, Secrets of the Young & Successful, as well as BusinessWeek and on Sirius satellite radio. Jennifer was a keynote speaker for the 2011 International Culinary Tourism Conference in Vienna, and her published work includes Food and Sensuality: A Perfect Pairing for the anthology Food & Philosophy (2007). She is a graduate of the Stern School of Business at New York University, and lives in New York City.