Our goal is to make IBC accessible.



In our thirteenth year of IBC, we have renewed our mission to encourage collegiate women to discover new opportunities and achieve their goals. We firmly believe that every person should have access to the wonderful resources available at IBC, and our goal is to bring the IBC experience to as many people as possible.

In concordance with this goal, we are expanding our scholarship program to help students around the world join us at the annual conference held this year on October 22, 2017 at the Sheraton Hotel, Boston. Based both on talent and on need, the IBC Scholarship will be awarded to several very bright and driven girls who do not have the means to attend IBC on their own. IBC Scholars will receive a monetary stipend that will reduce their costs and enable them to attend IBC this October. In addition to affording several girls the opportunity to attend IBC, the Scholars program will also encourage young women to support one another because the scholarship funds will be raised by Campus Ambassadors and other young women in business from around the world.

However, we do want to mention that the scholarship, if awarded, will not be able to cover full transportation costs: as a student non profit, we have limited funds for each scholarship and limited scholarships available. With this in mind, we encourage attendees to also fundraise and apply for outside grants on their own to cover their transportation costs. We recommend that attendees reach out to their campus's Office of Career Services and other business related clubs and organizations at their schools to look for funding opportunities. Regardless, we will do our absolute best to help as many attendees come to Boston as we can. Applicants will be notified on a rolling basis depending on when they apply and the availability of funds. Award recipients will receive their check in person at the conference itself on October 22nd.

We encourage anyone with the desire to attend IBC but without the means to do so to apply for this program. We will be searching for those applicants who show a genuine interest in the world of business and in the opportunities that IBC will offer, but who also portray the value of teamwork and the desire to empower and support other females in their business pursuits.

Before submission, please fill out a 1040 Tax Form and email it to janetho@college.harvard.edu.

Thank you!


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