Committee Leadership

Our eight committees help shape the organization by devising and planning HUWIB's events and programs.

The Alumni and Advisory Board is an integral part of the HUWIB Executive Board, responsible for maintaining contact with HUWIB's alumni, as well as planning events to incorporate seniors and ensure their successful transition into alumni status. As the alumni liaison, this board is the point for any alumni communication on behalf of the HUWIB undergraduates and is in close contact with the HUWIB Alumni Board Communications Chair to streamline communication and cooperation between the two boards. Partnerships between the two boards will be most centered on the Advisory Board, alumni attendance and volunteering at IBC, corporate mentorship involvement, externship program coordination, exploratory trips opportunities, and shared networking events.

This board works closely with the Undergraduate Relations Chair of the HUWIB Alumni Board to facilitate monthly calls between relevant members of both boards and drive shared programming and initiatives. These include the undergraduate senior class representative selection process (post-IBC each year), IBC alumni involvement and programming, Advisory Board relations (board selection process, quarterly updates, biannual calls), and the HUWIB senior-to-alumna transition process, which will include a spring senior farewell brunch). In addition, the Alumni and Advisory Board focuses on the relationships with current seniors, and aids in the execution of senior-focused programming by the Associate Relations directors on the Membership Development Committee.

This chair plans events such as Senior Spotlight dinners, the Senior and Alumni Brunch in the spring, and other career-related and social events specifically for seniors. This Chair also oversees the Advisory Board, which consists of 5-8 women business professionals spanning multiple industries who serve as key resources for both the Undergraduate and Alumni Boards of HUWIB. The Alumni and Advisory Board Chair works with the Advisory Board Chair from the Alumni Board to maintain communication with Advisory Board members, organizes Advisory Board meetings (which take place biannually, once in person and once via a conference call) and recruits 2-4 new members of the Advisory Board each year. As the HUWIB alumni organization is in the process of growth and development, this position is pivotal in helping to shape the resources and structure of alumni involvement, and in ensuring the sustainability of the interest of seniors in the undergraduate organization. Learn more about the Alumni & Advisory Board »

Katie Gamble Operations Chair

Amy Jiang Chair
Amy Jiang

Statistics, Secondary: East Asian Studies, 2016

Amy is a junior in Cabot House who is studying statistics with a secondary field in East Asian Studies. Outside of WIB, she is involved with the Harvard National Model United Nations Conference as an Administration Director and also works at the Fine Arts Library. She is from Chicago, loves hip-hop music, likes trying new things, and is also very interested in politics and international relations.

Julie Salzinger Business Education Co-Director
Julie Salzinger

Romance Languages and Literature, 2017

Julie, a freshman originally from both Miami and New York, is most passionate about foreign language and culture as applied in a business setting. Outside of HUWIB, she is a Publishing Associate at The Harvard Crimson, Assistant Director of Social Impact for HMUN, and a Meor Leaders Fellow. She also enjoys Zumba class at the MAC and trips to local coffee shops with friends. Julie, though she has not yet declared a concentration, hopes to study Romance Languages and Literatures (Spanish, French, & Portuguese) with a secondary in either Government or Economics.

Mary Grace Darmody Business Education Co-Director
Mary Grace Darmody

Mary Grace is a freshman living in Hollis interested in studying global health. Outside of HUWIB, Mary Grace volunteers for the Boston Urban Debate League and participates in the IOP. Originally from Miami, Florida, Mary Grace loves going to the beach, running, and searching for the perfect smoothie.

Cindy Guan Business School Co-Director
Cindy Guan

Economics, Secondary: East Asian Studies, 2015

Cindy is a Junior in Kirkland House studying Economics with a secondary in East Asian Studies. She grew up in Boston and loves every season but the winter. In addition to HUWIB, she is also involved with the Phillips Brooks House Association, the Advanced Leadership Institute, and Eleganza Fashion Show. Last summer, she interned at a consulting firm in Beijing, China, and she hopes to continue exploring other career paths with a focus in Asia. In her free time, Cindy enjoys running, doing zumba, and hanging out with her little sisters.

Rainie Opel Business School Co-Director
Rainie Opel

Social Studies, 2015

Rainie is a junior social studies concentrator from New Jersey living in Eliot House. She is the Chief Marketing Officer of her sorority and a sales associate for The Harvard Shop. She is interested in the intersection of sports and business, and has had internship experience in the nonprofit, startup, and tech industries. She has done extensive traveling to Asia on her gap year, as well as to Europe and the Caribbean with her family. She loves animals, trying new foods, and watching her favorite soccer and baseball teams.

The Career Development Committee coordinates the educational and professional development of HUWIB's members through workshops, panels, mentorship, spotlight dinners and other programs,. These events are targeted at further developing HUWIB Associates by providing them with the skills necessary to be successful in the business world, whether they are pursuing opportunities in Finance and Consulting or elsewhere. The Career Development Committee also facilitates business school events, which provide HUWIB Associates with information and contacts to apply to business school, and runs the Corporate Mentorship Program, which pairs HUWIB Associates with professional women in the field that most interests them. Overall, the Career Development Committee focuses on providing thorough education to HUWIB Associates after they complete the WIBternship, and as such is an integral component to the further development of members.

Lillian Zuo Chair
Lillian Zuo

Statistics, Secondary: Computer Science, 2016

Lillian, who hails from western Canada, is a sophomore in Adams House concentrating in Statistics with a secondary in Computer Science. In her free time, Lillian loves traveling, reading, shopping, running, and of course eating - she is an avid fan of guacamole, hummus, and brie cheese. In addition to HUWIB, Lillian is a member of the Harvard Women’s Club Volleyball Team and also a Case Team Leader with Harvard College Consulting Group.

Danielle Tilford Career Exploratory Director
Danielle Tilford

Psychology, Secondary: Economics, 2015

Danielle Tilford is a junior in Eliot house studying Psychology with a secondary in Economics. Danielle was born in Dallas but is currently living in Chicago. In her free time, she enjoys trying new restaurants, traveling, and being outdoors. She loves animals, snorkeling, and all things Jane Austen. She hopes to pursue a career in consulting.

Anni Cai Career Exploratory Director
Anni Cai

Statistics, 2017

Anni is from Singapore. She currently lives in Hurlbut Hall and plans to concentrate in Statistics. In addition to HUWIB, she is also active in the Harvard Financial Analyst Club. Her hobbies include reading, travelling and learning foreign languages.

Helen Zeng Recruiting Director
Helen Zeng

Statistics, 2017

Nancy Liu Recruiting Director
Sarah Sohn Mentorship Director
Sarah Sohn

Statistics, Secondary: Global Health and Health Policy, 2016

Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Sarah is a sophomore in Pforzheimer House studying Statistics with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. Outside of HUWIB, she works at Lamont Library, performs as a violinist in the Harvard Pops Orchestra, and serves as Management Chair for the Harvard International Review. In her free time, Sarah enjoys reading, traveling, and trying new foods.

Ashley Notzon Mentorship Director
Ashley Notzon

Neurobiology , 2016

Ashley is originally from Laredo Texas. She is a sophomore in Mather house and is studying Neurobiology. In addition to HUWIB, Ashley is involved in Alzheimer#8217s buddies, Harvard College in Asia Program, and Support for International Change. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis, painting, photography, and traveling.

The Communications Committee functions as the strategic leader in HUWIB's marketing and publicity efforts, spreading the ideals of the organization by managing all of its online and printed publications. The Committee's responsibilities include designing and producing newsletters and the WIBulletin, managing the website, producing the magazine, and creating informational brochures, event programs, and HUWIB paraphernalia. The Committee also manages communication within the organization, such as interactions between the Executive Board and Associates. The Committee works in close collaboration with other committees on specific projects and events to uphold and maintain the image of HUWIB.

Emily Chen Chair
Emily Chen

Psychology, Secondary: Economics, 2015

Emily is a Junior in Kirkland House. She has served as the MIH Co-Editor and IBC Programming Director in the past, and is now excited to return back to chair the Communications committee. Besides WIB, Emily is involved in SIC, AMBLE, HUTV, and theater. She loves traveling, trying new foods and experiences, making memes of her blockmates, drinking boba, and watching HIMYM.

Billie Wei Design and Branding Director
Billie Wei

Psychology and East Asian Studies, Secondary: Computer Science, 2017

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Billie is a freshman in Matthews. She is thinking about concentrating in Psychology or East Asian Studies with a secondary in Computer Science. In her free time, Billie enjoys reading, swimming, and spending time with family and friends. Interests: Entrepreneurship, Technology, Management, Design, Education, Spanish

Avika Dua Publications Director
Avika Dua

Economics and Government, 2017

Avika is a freshman living in Weld and a prospective Economics or Government concentrator. Outside of serving as Publications Director for WIB, she is Associate Multimedia Editor and a staff writer of the Harvard Political Review and formerly led a 501c non-profit organization devoted to sustainable giving in poverty-stricken parts of the world. She enjoys engaging in political and social activism, indulging in Thai and Mexican food, playing trivia games (and taking them way too seriously), and listening to any and all genres of music.

Daria Evdokimova Technology Director
Daria Evdokimova

Computer Science and Visual and Environmental Studies, 2016

Daria is a Computer Science and Visual and Environmental studies concentrator living in Currier House. Besides HUWIB she is also involved with WHRB, the on-campus radio station, where she serves as a tech director. She enjoys playing music, art, photography, and all things tech.

Hillary Do Technology Associate Director
Hillary Do

Social Studies, Secondary: Computer Science, 2017

Hillary is a freshman living in lovely Lionel Hall. She is a Social Studies concentrator with a secondary in Computer Science. Outside of academics, she is involved in Change Magazine. For fun, she likes to paint and write poetry. At the moment, she has a thing for flat UI icons.

Karen Kennedy Technology Associate Director
Karen Kennedy

Computer Science and Physics, 2017

Karen is a freshman in Holworthy planning to concentrate in computer science and physics. Her extracurricular passions include swimming, water polo, and violin. Above all Karen loves to try new things, from daredevil outdoor activities to interesting food dishes. Her hobbies include learning new constellations in the night sky, eating spicy food, climbing trees, and exploring cities.

Joan Zhang Make It Happen Magazine Co-Director

Government, Secondary: Visual and Environmental Studies, 2017

Joan is currently a freshman living in Hollis, and hopes to concentrate in Government with a secondary in Visual and Environmental Studies. Ultimately, Joan hopes to pursue a career in law as a representative for minorities. Beyond her love for WIB and all things business, Joan jams with her brothers and sister in the Harvard acappella group, "Under Construction," and is the social gathering chair for Team DOXA, a part of Harvard Christian Faith in Action. Joan also loves playing the flute, and hopes to create social change through the power of film and media.

Camila Victoriano Make It Happen Magazine Co-Director
Camila Victoriano

Camila Victoriano is a sophomore English concentrator from Miami, Florida living in Leverett House. She is a proud member of Kappa Alpha Theta and was recently elected as their Convention Awards Chairman. Camila is also a coordinator for the Mission Hill After School Program, where she helps build curriculums and organize activities for a classroom of students. This past summer, she studied abroad for two months in Paris is now on her way to getting a French citation. When she has spare time, Camila loves to read any book she can get her hand on (favorite authors including Neil Gaiman, Kazuo Ishiguro, and Junot Díaz), go for a run, or just listen to music (preferably by musicians like The Smiths, The Strokes, Ed Sheeran, and The Tallest Man on Earth). In the coming years, Camila hopes to combine her interests in literature and business by working in a publishing house or magazine. However, she still keeps her mind open to other exciting opportunities in music, entertainment, and event planning.

The External Initiatives Committee oversees HUWIB's strategic partnerships with outside organizations, both other undergraduate organizations on campus and organizations outside of the Harvard network. The committee's purpose is to broaden the reach of HUWIB programming and extend our network beyond HUWIB Associates. To this end, the Committee manages intercollegiate programming that is held in conjunction with the Intercollegiate Business Convention, including the National Women in Business Summit, an event that brings together female leaders of business organizations at top universities around the country, and the Business for Good competition, a social enterprise business plan competition that culminates at the Intercollegiate Business Convention.

Jessica Chen External Initiatives Chair
Jessica Chen

Applied Math -- Physical Chemistry, 2015

Claire Tan IWIB Director
Claire Tan

Applied Math -- Physical Chemistry, 2015

Sadie McQuilkin IWIB Director
Sadie McQuilkin

History and Literature, 2016

Sadie is a sophomore in Mather House from Portsmouth, RI. She is concentrating in History & Literature with America as her field of focus. Her interests beyond the classroom include graphic and publication design, training for marathons, practicing her French, traveling, and spending time with her friends. Professionally, Sadie is interested in publishing, design, marketing, advertising, public relations, and consulting.

Ting-Ting Liu Entrepreneurship Director
Ting-Ting Liu

History and Literature, 2016

Elaine Dai Entrepreneurship Director
Elaine Dai

Elaine hails from Newton, MA and is a freshman in Thayer Dorm. On campus she also serves as Director of Recruitment for Harvard Financial Analysts Club and is a member of the Harvard Ballroom Dance Team. Elaine wrote for The Huffington Post for two years in her blog, "Rhythmic Diaries," and was the Managing Editor for Buckingham Browne & Nichol’s newspaper, The Vanguard. She loves gymnastics, traveling, and photography.

Michelle Shao Partnerships Director
Sophia Feng Partnerships Director
Sophia Feng

A born and bred Jersey girl, Sophia is a freshman in Wigglesworth. Outside of HUWIB, she is involved in Smart Women Securities and Harvard Association of US-China Relations. In addition, she volunteers for Chinatown ESL and works part-time at the Lamont Café. She also loves visiting art museums, exploring parks, and trying new cuisines.

The Fundraising Committee aims to secure the necessary sponsorships and grants so that HUWIB members have the resources to explore a variety of business opportunities in educational settings. Members of the Fundraising Committee collaborate and maintain relationships with corporate sponsors, start-up companies, grant foundations, potential advertisers, and local businesses to raise funds for HUWIB. The Fundraising Committee works closely with all of the Committees to fund their events by reaching out to specific companies that would be interested in being involved in each unique event. In particular, the Fundraising Committee works closely with the Intercollegiate Business Convention, Outreach and Business Education Committees to plan the annual IBC, the annual trips to New York, Boston, and a new destination, and to plan the InFocus educational program as well as the Young Women in Business Convention. This is an ideal Committee for anyone who wants to gain experience in establishing long-term business relationships with corporate sponsors and to learn how to professionally represent an organization through formulating deals.

Sydney Sykes Fundraising Chair
Catherine Qin Sponsorships Director
Catherine Qin

English and Economics, 2017

Catherine is a freshman in Canaday, currently interested in studying English and Economics. Outside of WIB, she serves as Treasurer of the Harvard Ballet Company, performs with the Ballet Company and the Harvard-Radcliffe Modern Dance Company, and works at the Harvard College Office of Admissions and Financial Aid. Originally from Lexington, Massachusetts, Catherine loves to dance, take photos, and read everything from Proust to Harry Potter.

Lydia Deng Sponsorships Associate Director
Lydia Deng

Lydia is a freshman from Los Angeles, California. In addition to HUWIB, Lydia is also involved in the Harvard College Consulting Group and student art initiatives on campus. In her free time, she enjoys playing piano, traveling, and finding good places to eat.

Jane Labanowski Sponsorships Associate Director
Kristina Hu Sponsorships Associate Director
Joy Jing Sponsorships Associate Director
Joy Jing

Economics, 2017

Joy is eager to learn and try everything that intrigues her, from economics to architecture to computer programming. She is from Guilderland, NY, and proudly calls Straus her home at Harvard. Joy also lived in Los Angeles and Palo Alto, CA, prior to upstate New York. In addition to HUWIB, she is very involved with the Parliamentary Debate team and the art scene at Harvard. Her other interests include painting, meeting new people, the Big Bang Theory, reading, and journaling.

Jocelyn Fu Sponsorships Associate Director
Jocelyn Fu

Applied Math, 2017

Jocelyn is a freshman living in Pennypacker Hall thinking about concentrating in Applied Math. She was raised and currently resides in Shanghai, China. Aside from Harvard Women in Business, she works for Harvard Student Agencies as the Web and Marketing Manager for the Harvard Shop, participates in club squash and occasionally volunteers. In her spare time, she enjoys running, photography, exploring new restaurants and drinking bubble tea with friends.

Madeline Zimmerman Sponsorships Associate Director
Madeline Zimmerman

Madeline is a freshman from Westchester, New York and currently lives in Weld. She has a strong interest in economics, specifically finance. Due to her passion for language, she hopes to work internationally at some point in her career. Outside of Women in Business, Madeline competes for the Harvard Track and Field Team as a triple and long jumper. When she is not at the track, Madeline is either oil painting or deep in a suspense novel.

Every fall, we host our annual Intercollegiate Business Convention (IBC), which IBC provides a unique opportunity for dynamic female leaders from around the world to explore career opportunities, expand their network of peers and mentors, and learn from the experiences of top female business leaders. Now in its 10th year, IBC attracts over 1,200 registrants from over 100 campuses. IBC 2014 will be held on Saturday October 18 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston.

Rosalie Nathans Chair
Rosalie Nathans

Economics and VES, 2016

Anna Zhong Logistics Director
Anna Zhong

Computer Science, 2016

Anna is a sophomore in Lowell. As a computer science concentrator, she is particularly interested in the design and business aspects of the tech world. She loves art, fashion, photography and exceptionally innovative design - you will frequently find her creating art while she works towards a possible VES secondary. Anna also loves traveling and is always looking for opportunities to meet and learn from different kinds of people, which spurred her decision to move from her hometown Sydney, Australia, to go to college in the United States. Last summer, interning at a Chinese company also sparked in her an interest in all things China and international business between the United States and Asia-Pacific region. On campus, Anna also designs sets for and dances in Ghungroo, mentors for Harvard China Care, acts as a Board member for the Harvard College Dance Marathon, is a photographer on the Multimedia Board of the Crimson, and plans philanthropy events as Vice President of Foundation in her sorority, Delta Gamma. Events planning has always been a special enthusiasm of Anna’s, so she is particularly excited to serve as the Logistics Director for IBC this coming year.

Solange Ganthier Logistics Associate Director
Solange Ganthier

Economics, Citation: Spanish, 2017

Solange is originally from Fort Myers, Florida and is currently a freshman in Wigglesworth. She is concentrating in Economics with a language citation in Spanish. She loves to try new food, travel, read, and cook. Her current passions are to perfect her Spanish and try every type of chocolate possible. Outside of WIB she is involved in the Service to Society Freshman Council and Eleganza.

Jane Chen Logistics Associate Director
Jane Chen

Economics, Secondary: Computer Science, 2017

Jane is a freshman in Wigglesworth hoping to concentrate in Economics with a secondary in Computer Science. She was actively involved in Future Business Leaders of America in high school and is also involved with VFG, CBE, and SWS. In her -somewhat limited- free time, you can find her playing a friendly scrimmage of water polo at Blodgett, sleeping, or making a CVS run for chocolate-covered goji berries.

Camila Rey Marketing Associate Director
Camila Rey

Economics, 2017

Camila is a freshman in Straus from Buenos Aires, Argentina. In addition to WIB, she is the Outreach Director for the Small Claims Advisory Service and a tutor for the CHANCE program. Camila loves exploring new running routes, reading, and traveling. Along with economics, she is interested in environmental policy and law.

Christian Liu Marketing Associate Director
Christian Liu

Christian is a freshman in Canaday originally from Newport Coast, California. She hopes to pursue a career in technology business and is part of the Harvard Financial Analysts Club, Parliamentary Debate Society, and Ballroom Dance Team. In her free time, Christian enjoys finding good seafood and salads, reading fashion magazines, watching Suits, traveling, and taking Zumba and spin classes at the gym.

Bessie Zhang Marketing Associate Director
Bessie Zhang

Economics and Psychology, 2016

Bessie Zhang is a rising sophomore in Matthews Hall, currently undecided on concentration but interested in psychology, economics and global health. She writes for The Crimson, organizes class-wide events for freshman and dances for the Harvard Ballroom Dance Team. Bessie also leads Students Teaching Students, a not-for-profit tutoring platform serving thousands of high school students. In her free time, she loves skiing and hiking in the woods.

Aurelia Paquette Programming Director
Aurelia Paquette

Aurelia, a freshman from Boston, Massachusetts, splits her extracurricular time between HUWIB and acting in plays at Harvard. She has not declared a concentration yet, but she loves studying the social sciences, the humanities, and Spanish, and she spent this past January living in Lima, Perú. Her hobbies include reading, painting portraits, and exploring Cambridge and Boston.

Jenny Lai Programming Associate Director
Jenny Lai

Neurobiology, Secondary: Mind, Brain, and Behavior, 2017

Jenny is a freshman from Minnesota and lives in Thayer. She plans on concentrating in neurobiology with a secondary in Mind, Brain, and Behavior. She hopes to apply cognitive neuroscience to the Business world. In her free time Jenny loves to play the violin, dance, and try new food.

Belinda Zeng Programming Associate Director
Belinda Zeng

Computer Science, Secondary: Psychology, 2017

Belinda is very excited to serve on the HUWIB IBC programming committee. She is planning on concentrating in computer science with a secondary in psychology. In the past, she has done lots of work with marketing, event planning, and social entrepreneurship. She is looking forward to getting further involved in WIB.

The Membership Development Committee aims to reach two groups of people - those who are already HUWIB Associates and those seeking to become HUWIB Associates. The Membership Development Committee aims to foster a strong internal community in the organization. This Committee is responsible for fostering strong ties to the organization, encouraging members to interact and continue to learn from one another, facilitating the recruiting and comp process, and maintaining the involvement of members through their sophomore, junior, and senior years. Developing and implementing the programming for the WIBternship is a major part of the Committee, and will be the committee's main focus in the summer and fall. Other extremely important initiatives, however, will include the promotion of membership and potentially the set up of membership involvement levels. Additionally, the committee puts together the internal mentorship program, matching younger members up with upperclassmen involved in the Career Development's Corporate Mentorship Program.

Svilena Bochukova Chair
Svilena Bochukova

Government and Statistics, 2015

Svilena, who usually goes by the nickname Lena, is a Junior studying Government and Statistics. She is originally from Bulgaria and enjoys discovering cozy cafes, travelling, and learning different languages. Lena is pursuing a Spanish language citation and spent a summer studying Spanish in Barcelona. Outside of HUWIB, she is an intern at Reach Advisors and involved in her House Committee, Delta Gamma, and the Harvard College Bulgarian Club.

Sivan Gompers Community Relations Director
Sivan Gompers

Statistics, Secondary: Economics, Citation: Chinese, 2015

Rebecca Hu Community Relations Director
Rebecca Hu

Neurobiology and Economics, 2016

Rebecca Hu is a California native, currently a sophomore in Pforzheimer House studying neurobiology and economics. Outside of WIB, she is involved in the Harvard Crimson, the Undergraduate Council, Eleganza Fashion Show, as well as various PBHA and dance organizations on campus. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and sampling various cuisines, picking up new tunes, and chasing wanderlust.

Jenai Akina WIBternship Director
Jenai Akina

Economics, 2015

Paige Haley WIBternship Associate Director
Paige Haley

Economics, Secondary: Statistics, 2015

Paige Haley is a junior from Limerick, Pennsylvania living in Leverett House. She is studying Economics, with a secondary field in Statistics. At Harvard, Paige is also on the Executive Board of Veritas Financial Group. She is a former member of the Varsity Field Hockey team, and she has been involved with Harvard’s Phillips Brooks House Association. In her spare time, Paige enjoys running.

Jessica Barzilay WIBternship Associate Director
Jessica Barzilay

History and Literature, 2016

Jessica is a sophomore in Dunster House concentrating in History and Literature. After growing up in sunny Los Angeles, Jessica now lives in New York, where she is loving city life. At Harvard, Jessica is so excited to join Women in Business as Associate Director of the WIBternship. In addition to her role on WIB, Jessica writes for The Crimson, serves on the executive board of the Social Innovation Collaborative, advises freshmen as a Peer Advising Fellow, and coordinates a day of science learning and experiments with local Cambridge elementary schoolers for Phillips Brooks House Association’s ExperiMentors. She also enjoys dancing in Ghungroo, Harvard’s annual South Asian performance, and proudly represents the Dunster moose in intramurals.

Olivia Goldberg WIBternship Associate Director
Olivia Goldberg

Olivia is a freshman in Wigglesworth studying government from Annapolis, Maryland. In addition to WIB, she is in the Harvard College Consulting Group, the Republican Club, and Her Campus. In her spare time, she enjoys writing and politics.

The Outreach Committee seeks to facilitate the professional development of HUWIB members by exposing them to the various opportunities available in the business world after graduation. Both branches of the Outreach committee allow HUWIB Associates to have close contact with a broad range of industries and companies, and give them the opportunity to interact with prominent business figures. The Trips branch includes the New York and Career Exploratory trips which provide opportunities to sample a variety of fields, with the New York trip focusing especially on finance, and the Career Exploratory trip covering a greater breadth of industries, such as media, entertainment, and entrepreneurship. Past Career Exploratory trips have taken HUWIB Associates to Los Angeles, CA, Chicago, IL, and San Francisco, CA. The Boston Outreach Branch includes the Boston Trip and Shadowing/Externships. This branch gives HUWIB Associates the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the work responsibilities and corporate culture of organizations and/or industries they are interested in without having to commit to a summer internship or full-time offer with uncertainty. This spring the Outreach Committee has given girls the opportunity to shadow marketing firms and also divisions within the Boston Red Sox. After a successful fall externship with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), HUWIB girls will once again be externing with BCG and other established firms this fall. The Outreach program seeks to continue finding similar initiatives in diverse locations both in the U.S.

Tiffany Lopinsky Outreach Chair
Tiffany Lopinsky

Government, Secondary: Global Health and Health Policy, 2016

Tiffany is a sophomore in Lowell House concentrating in Government with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. Prior to serving as Outreach Chair, Tiffany was an Associate Programming Director for the Intercollegiate Business Convention and initiated a new WIB Weekend International Mentorship Program. She loves traveling, playing tennis, coffee, baking healthy treats, and watching historical documentaries. Outside of HUWIB, Tiffany serves as Co-President of the Harvard College Health Advocacy Program and is involved with Smart Woman Securities and Empower, a women’s entrepreneurship group.

Jennifer Leung Career Expeditions Director
Jennifer Leung

History and Psychology, Citation: Mandarin, 2016

Jennifer is a sophomore in Dunster House, studying History and Psychology with a language citation in Mandarin. In addition to HUWIB, she serves as Secretary for the Phillips Brooks House Association, and is involved in Ghungroo and Harvard Model Congress. In her free time, Jennifer enjoys traveling, drawing, playing tennis, and meeting new people.

Linda Wei Career Expeditions Director
Linda Wei

Psychology, Secondary: Economics, 2016

Linda is a sophomore in Leverett house concentrating in Psychology with a secondary in Economics. She is also currently working towards a Masters degree in Classical Saxophone Performance at the New England Conservatory. She is very excited to plan the career expedition trips and cannnot wait to see where the next international trip will take HUWIB girls. In her free time, she enjoys going to electronic and classical music concerts, experimenting with new recipes, and dreaming about where she wants to travel.

Kate D’Orazio Outreach Associate Director
Kate D’Orazio

Psychology, 2015

Kate is a junior from outside Boston living in Dunster House. She is concentrating in psychology and has worked in both Amy Cuddy’s social psych lab at HBS and Joshua Greene’s Moral Cognition Lab. Currently she is pursuing her thesis on the effects of visual and verbal processing on economic decision-making. She is treasurer of Dunster House Committee and currently training for the 2014 Boston Marathon. She is also passionate about cooking, travel, and the outdoors.

Priya Duvvuri Outreach Associate Director
Priya Duvvuri

Statistics, Secondary: Chemistry, 2015

Priya is a Junior concentrating in Statistics with a secondary in Chemistry. She is the Co-Chair of the Dunster House Committee and is very involved in Project Swim. Outside of WIB she enjoys swimming, eating, and traveling.

Caroline Holte Outreach Associate Director
Caroline Holte

Caroline, class of 2016, lives in Cabot House and concentrates in Government. Caroline is on the Varsity Volleyball team at Harvard and is also a member of the Harvard Coaches Club where she coaches volleyball to underprivileged kids in the Greater Boston Area. Her freshman year, she was the Intramural representative of Thayer dorm in the Yard Athletic Council. Caroline lives in Laguna Beach, California and hopes to move back to California once she graduates. Caroline loves traveling (and is applying to summer study abroad programs in Madrid), meeting new people, adventuring, the beach, and community service involvement.

Tuongvan Le Outreach Associate Director
Tuongvan Le

Economics, Secondary: East Asian Studies, Citation: Japanese, 2017

Le Le is currently studying economics with a secondary in East Asian Studies and also pursuing a citation in Japanese. She is interested in entrepreneurship, education, business development, and would like to learn more about micro-finance and social enterprise. In her free time, she enjoys biking, walking aimlessly, observing trees changing colors according to seasons, and getting lost occasionally because of her horrible sense of direction. She is proud to be a member of Women in Business, an organization that promotes and supports women participation in business. This organization has been providing her with a strong network of peers and support from other women who share similar interests in business and enables me to explore different careers and interests as well as network with different professionals from multiple business fields. She looks forward to a wonderful and successful year being an outreach associate director for the outreach committee for WIB.