Annual releases of Make It Happen are available online and in print, internal publications including the WIBulletin are available to members only

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About MIH

Make It Happen is an annual publication sponsored by Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business (HUWIB), Harvard's largest business organization on campus. The magazine focuses on business topics most relevant to undergraduates, including a business school guide and a "Tools for Success" section with business book reviews, professional advice on issues like public speaking, and tips for succeeding in a global environment. Make It Happen also offers insight into a variety of industries through the eyes of top women executives. In 2009, HUWIB printed 3,000 copies of Make It Happen, which were made available to students on the Harvard campus and online. The magazine was distributed to a group of 1,000 diverse women from 100 different universities at HUWIB's Intercollegiate Business Convention