Harvard Programs

Events for our membership at Harvard and other students at Harvard and surrounding colleges

The Career Development Committee coordinates the educational and professional development of HUWIB's members through workshops, panels, mentorship, spotlight dinners and other programs,. These events are targeted at further developing HUWIB Associates by providing them with the skills necessary to be successful in the business world, whether they are pursuing opportunities in Finance and Consulting or elsewhere. The Career Development Committee also facilitates business school events, which provide HUWIB Associates with information and contacts to apply to business school, runs the Corporate Mentorship Program, which pairs HUWIB Associates with professional women in the field that most interests them. Overall, the Career Development Committee focuses on providing thorough education to HUWIB Associates after they complete the WIBternship, and as such is an integral component to the further development of members.

The Corporate Mentorship Program is a HUWIB program that partners HUWIB associates (mentees) with women professionals (mentors) in a variety of industries related to business. The mentors volunteer their time and knowledge toward advising the next generation of professional women in such topics as industry expertise, navigating the recruitment process, and advancement in the workplace. Mentees are provided with unprecedented access to successful women in their field of choice, and are able to reach out to their mentors via email, phone, or in-person meetings. Mentees with mentors in the Boston area also have the opportunity to shadow their mentors for the day and thus gain an inside look at their career of choice.

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This year, the 11th Annual HUWIB New York City trip takes place on April 5-6. This trip allows the 40 trip attendees, selected through an application process, to explore a variety of careers by asking questions of high-level professionals, touring headquarters of multinational companies, and engaging in panel discussions. Attendees also have the opportunity to attend an alumni reception and learn about how HUWIB members have found success after college. Ultimately, this trip serves as a wonderful learning opportunity for all!

  • To take place Jan 10-17th. Check back for more information soon!

Every year, HUWIB takes a select group of approximately 20 undergraduate women on a career exploratory trip to a new location, providing a unique opportunity for attendees to gain exposure to new industries and locations. Last year's trip took the girls to the Windy City and included visits to Ford Models, IMC Financial, Booz & Co. and the Booth School of Business. Past trips have been to Los Angeles, Seattle, and San Francisco, among others. While on the trip, attendees enjoy meals with company representatives, participate in talks given by accomplished businesswomen, and tour the headquarters of multinational companies.


As part of HUWIB's comp process, WIBterns attend an 11-week program in the fall consisting of weekly panels introducing a wide range of industries and opportunities available in business. Upon graduating the WIBternship in November, WIBterns become Associates and are eligible to apply for a committee position.

WIBternship 2013 has ended and included weekly panels with speakers from consulting and finance to entrepreneurship, fashion, non-profits, and marketing. Look out for more information about joining in fall 2014!

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The Summer Education & Experience Grant



The Summer Education and Experiences Grant will offer financial support for one HUWIB member to pursue a low-paying or non-paying full-time summer internship. The grant's mission is to enable HUWIB members to learn about a particular industry and develop their business skills without financial considerations. The winning student will be given up to $3,000 to support her summer internship, to be used for housing, transportation, travel, and/or food and other living expenses. The winner will submit biweekly blog posts throughout the summer on her experience in addition to a final report in August after the successful completion of the internship.

The application deadline is March 12, 2012. Finalists will be informed of their status after Spring Break and will be required to have short interviews with HUWIB selection committee members. The winner will be selected by April 1, 2012.

HUWIB’s Career Development/Career Exploratory Team is excited to announce that the fourth WIBtalks event, WIBtalks: Psychology and Business II will take place on April 29 from 8:15 to 9:15 PM in Sever Hall 113. Speakers are: Judy Blanton (founder of Blanton Consulting), Frida Polli (founder of Pymetrics), and Matthew Darling and Saugato Datta (Ideas 42). Hope to see you there!

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